Is google trying to increase Web stats by Google Instant?

Hi all,

Do you think Google instant is trying to make web search stats to turn around?

Google instant will show web stats as google search in 99% of total web search.. because all web search are independent. making one search will trigger three different searches.. will adwords click will reduce 10% to total ads click by google search.

I am not comfortable in using google instant , are you? is there way to disable it. What google is trying to do with it, make marketing of some kind on broder level?
Are companies greedy for more money?

So many question? do you have answer for them?

    • Mahesh Kshirsagar
    • September 12th, 2010

    ou can avoid it by not using it when you are logged into gmail/orkut or any other gmail app..

  1. You can disable instant search (the option is right next to the search box).

    With regards to web stats and adwords, an impression is not counted via Google Instant unless the results were displayed for a minimum of 3 seconds, or if the user clicked or if the user hit the Search button/hit enter/selected a suggested query.

    I assume the aim by Google in rolling out Google Instant is to improve the rapidity of using Google search and therefore ousting Bing but also it is likely to improve Google’s profitability from Adwords as impressions will increase CTR and therefore reduce QS and so increase Avg CPC.

    Hope this answers your questions.

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