We will not need to travel to office by 2050

I was thinking about the future , people are worried about the oil crises. polution in the world. will things be same?
This is way of looking at the future in positive way.
well we won’t need to travel to office any more ..
We might come up with open source technology built in your personal Computer, Ipad …. which enables us to work from home…
well I know some might be thinking about the manufacturing sector. people will might not have to work in manufacturing sector with amount progress in embeded system and assembly line programs..
what about farmers how would they travel to Farm.. well they might not want to travel to farm as they will stay at farm If they get Home delivery for all the things.
will people skip the work? by working from home. I guess they do it in office also.. will scrum development will make difference…?

Well things to consider for new generation is bit different than what future has in store foe them….
All future entrepreneurs might think about this… there is no office investment… If you thinking off starting one in near future might as well start today….

what you think…?

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