install flash player 10 into centos 5.x 64 bits

My preferred OS is CentOS 5 64 bits. I do all my development work and testing on my 3 Dell servers, at home. However, being an online shopping addict and passionate motorcycle rider, it happens for me to use Firefox and browse the Internet for something to rant about… beside coding. The problem is that most sites like YouTube etc. need the Flash Player for their site software. Adobe decided not to release a x64 Linux version of their most recent player, so the .i386 RPM will not work with Firefox x64, unless you use my trick.

The fix is easier then you think. Everything I’ve posted below was tested on a CentOS 5.2 x64 Gnome environment. Let’s fix that Flash Player to run on 64 bits, shall we?

1. Start by installing those libraries (.i386 and .x86_64):
# yum install curl compat-libstdc++-33 glibc nspluginwrapper

2. Once done with the kitchen work, it is time to install the Flash Player RPM.
# rpm -ivh /tmp/flash-plugin-

3. Close all Firefox windows and open a new one. In the address bar, type:

You should see there the Flash Player and NPAPI wrapper. Now, go watch some movies on YouTube. Was that hard? There you have it, Flash Player with Firefox x64.
If you find this post useful, please link it into your blog. Have fun on the Net.

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