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Bankers algorithm for computer server Hardware requirment optimization

For the Banker’s algorithm to work, it needs to know three things:

  • How much of each resource each process could possibly request
  • How much of each resource each process is currently holding
  • How much of each resource the system currently has available

Resources may be allocated to a process only if it satisfies the following conditions:

  1. request ≤ max, else set error condition as process has crossed maximum claim made by it.
  2. request ≤ available, else process waits until resources are available.

In Computer system approximate request requirement for all possible request for any commercial servers are known, then why most of commercial hardware system server use 128 GB RAM, 64 Processor, 300 TB hard drive for single instance of hosted server.

Bankers calculate needs of money for proper utilization, then indirect money needs are not considered, energy conversion…..



Is google trying to increase Web stats by Google Instant?

Hi all,

Do you think Google instant is trying to make web search stats to turn around?

Google instant will show web stats as google search in 99% of total web search.. because all web search are independent. making one search will trigger three different searches.. will adwords click will reduce 10% to total ads click by google search.

I am not comfortable in using google instant , are you? is there way to disable it. What google is trying to do with it, make marketing of some kind on broder level?
Are companies greedy for more money?

So many question? do you have answer for them?

We will not need to travel to office by 2050

I was thinking about the future , people are worried about the oil crises. polution in the world. will things be same?
This is way of looking at the future in positive way.
well we won’t need to travel to office any more ..
We might come up with open source technology built in your personal Computer, Ipad …. which enables us to work from home…
well I know some might be thinking about the manufacturing sector. people will might not have to work in manufacturing sector with amount progress in embeded system and assembly line programs..
what about farmers how would they travel to Farm.. well they might not want to travel to farm as they will stay at farm If they get Home delivery for all the things.
will people skip the work? by working from home. I guess they do it in office also.. will scrum development will make difference…?

Well things to consider for new generation is bit different than what future has in store foe them….
All future entrepreneurs might think about this… there is no office investment… If you thinking off starting one in near future might as well start today….

what you think…?